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In The Classroom 

ChatterVox is an excellent device for boosting the volume of any teacher.  Student comprehension is directly related to how well a student can hear their teacher.  

Teachers with low volume benefit from daily use of the ChatterVox.  Teachers with large class rooms or a large number of students benefit from the added volume.  Teachers who are suffering from common cold symptoms or laryngitis also benefit from the ChatterVox. The ChatterVox amplification technology can be used in classroom settings, auditoriums, in the gym, outside on the activities field, on the bus and on field trips.

P.E. teachers, coaches, and health club instructors use the ChatterVox for additional volume.  The ChatterVox enables the instructors to be heard over a noisy class or gym, and the portability allows the ChatterVox to work just as well on the field.  Football, soccer, track, baseball, basketball, swimming, all sporting coaches can benefit from the ChatterVox.

ChatterVox goes where you go.

 ChatterVox is simply the finest in portable voice amplifiers.  It can boost your volume by as much as 18 decibels.  It consists of a rechargeable “fanny pack” amplifier and speaker unit along with an extremely comfortable headset microphone.  You simply charge the ChatterVox overnight with the included charger, put on the fanny pack and headset, plug the headset into the fanny pack, and adjust the volume knob on your set.  Nobody beats ChatterVox when it comes to quality and ease of use.  ChatterVox – Be Heard!

ChatterVox Benefits

Reduces Strain: 

Reducing voice strain reduces your chances of having Voice Nodules.  Voice Nodules are caused by vocal strain over a number of years and affect many educators and public speakers.  Once Voice Nodules are removed the damage is permanent and in most cases affects vocal volume and clarity.  ChatterVox is the only device that combats the formation of Voice Nodules.  In essence ChatterVox is inexpensive insurance for your vocal chords.

In the case of Voice Nodules, low voice levels or speech related problems, ChatterVox can assist in reducing future voice strain while giving the user an effective communication tool to reach your students.

Assists with Teaching and Learning: 

Student comprehension and learning are directly related to how well a teacher can be heard by their students. ChatterVox promotes effective learning through clear communications to your students.  ChatterVox also reduces the strain on the students to hear what the teacher is saying even if they are in the back of the class.  This assists the teacher in keeping the attention of students who previously lost interest because they had problems hearing or understanding their teacher. 

The ChatterVox amplification technology can be used in classroom settings, auditoriums, in the gym, outside on the activities field, on the bus and on field trips.  ChatterVox goes where you go.

Saves Time and Energy: 

Using ChatterVox reduces the strain on your voice when communicating with your students and reduces the number of times you have to repeat your communicated ideas.  This leaves you with more energy to do activities at the end of the day without feeling drained from having to constantly strain your voice..  Whether it is coaching sports or refereeing your family ChatterVox can help you regain the energy you need to get that win or settle a sibling rivalry.

 Benefits Overview:

Health insurance for vocal chords

Energy saver to help you tackle your day

Student can hear and understand you better

Portable and can be taken almost anywhere

The cost of the ChatterVox in no way can be compared to its educational, medical and personal benefits to educators.


  • Lightweight Portable Voice Amplifier (one pound six ounces including batteries)

  • Optional neoprene Sport Pack to hold and protect the amplifier along with a comfortable adjustable waistband. 

  • Built in rechargeable, environmentally friendly Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH) batteries provide up to 14 hours of use.  Recharging is easy and can be done overnight or as quickly as a five hour charge.  (For added insurance, you can even substitute AA batteries if you forget to charge the ChatterVox.) 

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use all day long.

  • Simple to use.  

  • Adjustable volume.

  • Super portable.

  • Protective Custom Storage Case Included.

 Wearing the Amplifier and Microphone:

The unit is usually worn at the front of the waist much like a “fanny pack”.  The woven nylon waist band is adjustable to 44”.  Larger waist dimensions can be accommodated by requesting a free 12” belt extension. The Chattervox comes with an extremely comfortable traditional style Headset Microphone. ChatterVox is also available with a comfortable Collar Microphone.  The Collar Microphone is worn around the collar and has no contact with the hair or head.